Monday, September 10, 2012

Zayn #Imagine (Allie)

#Imagine your running, rain pouring as you sprint.
"Allie, baby," you hear someone scream. You turn to see Zayn facing you, with tears streaming down his face.
"How could you," you yell, starting to sob. He comes closer, but you push him away. "Don't you EVER touch me again Zayn!  How could you do this to me!" A look of pure pain washes over him. You just start to run again.
He cheated.
He cheated.
He cheated.
You call Harry. He's been your best friend for as long as you remember. He introduced you to Zayn in the first place. Zayn.....your heart breaks just thinking about him. He was the first guy you had ever loved and he cheated on you.
"Harry," you say, still running.
"Allie, your crying. What happened," he asked, sounding worried.
"Just meet me at the airport." You say, hanging up and running as fast as you can.
   When you finally make it to the airport, you're soaked. You run into Harry's arms. He's waiting at the gate to take you home with two tickets in his hand.
"Here," he says, handing you sweatpants and a t-shirt. "Go change, Love." You do what he says, too tired to argue. After your done changing you walk back to your gate to see everyone already had boarded the plane. Including Harry. Crap. You run down the boarding pass straight into something.
Or someone.
"Allie," Zayn exhales. "Oh my god, I thought you already boarded the plane." He's soaked and looks awful. His eyes are red and puffy, his knuckles swollen and he has tear marks.
"I'm about to," you answer, trying to push past. He won't let you.
"Hear me out," he pleads.
"Fine," you scowl. "You have three minutes."
"Allie, I made a huge mistake. I made the biggest and worst mistake of my life and I'm so sorry," he cries. "But I'm not perfect. I don't have an excuse, but I'm asking for your forgiveness anyways. I love you so much! I couldn't live without you...." He starts to sob. You can see the sorrow in his eyes.
"Zayn," you ask.
"Y...yes," he answers, still crying. He looks like he lost all hope. He looked like his heart just broke. That kills you to see him like that.
    You come closer to him, pushing your lips on his. He seems startled at first but then you can feel him smile. You kiss him and fireworks explode inside of you.
"Allie, I love you so much," He whispers, putting his lips back on yours.
"Get a room," you hear and turn to see Harry smiling triumphantly. You giggle as Zayn interlocks fingers with you.
"I promise to never hurt you again. On one condition," Zayn whispers.
You look at him.
"You marry me." He kisses your forehead.
"I promise to marry you. On one condition," you whisper back.
He looks at you.
"You never hurt me again."
He smiles as he says,"deal."

Brooke's work! :) 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Zayn #Imagine (Andrea) PART 3

#Imagine you just got up from bed. You was in the same hotel as yesterday. You got into the little sofa, and took your phone. Zayn haven't left any messages, but called you 57 times. Wow, you thought to yourself. After about half an hour, you was in your clothes and ready to leave the hotel. You gave the key to the manager in the lobby, and went out. The sun was shining bright, and there was a lot of people in the street. You had tried to remove the mascara from under your eyes, but there were still signs of it. You decided to go straight home to Zayn and pack your stuff, and then take over to your best friend's house. Zayn knew her well too, but she have always been your friend since before Zayn and you started dating, so you figured out that it would be best to go over there. You walked home to your house, and took a deep breath before trying to open the door. It wasn't locked, so Zayn must be home, unfortunately. The house was dark, no lights were on and the curtains was down too. You closed the door silently, and walked into the kitchen. It didn't look like it did when you left the day before. The table was upside down, the chairs were laying all over. You continued into the livingroom, and to your surprise, you saw Zayn sitting in the corner of the room, you could hear him sobbing.
'Z..Zayn?' You whispered quietly. He froze, then looked up. His eyes were really puffy and red, it didn't look like he had slept at all, or even being in bed. 
'Andrea..' He said, getting up. His hair was one big mess. You saw his left hand. There was blood on it. 
'What happened to your hand?' You ask, standing awkward, looking at him. 
'I.. I got a bit m..mad, and I.. I hit the wall..' He said, trying to control his crying. 
'Aw Zayn, please don't do this..' You said, and you started to cry a bit too. 
'I'm going up and packing' You said, and left the room, but Zayn came running after you. 
'Please, i will do anything in the world, please please please take me back, baby, i love you so much' He cried, you could see how hurt he was in his eyes. 
'Zayn, this isn't something i do because i want to. It's something i do because i need to, can't you just understand that?' You asked, trying to walk further up the stairs, but he took your arm. 
'No, i can't understand it!' He yelled back at you, starting his sobs again. 
'This isn't going well, can't you see it? We're getting pissed off by each other every damn minute!' You yelled back, crying even more. 
'But we can make it work! Just give me one more chance! I'll do anything!' He cried, trying to stop crying. 
'Zayn, you can have any girl you want, please stop making this so hard' You cried. 
'I can't have any girl i want. The only girl i want is you, and you can't chance that. No matter how irritated i get at you, i can't stop loving you. You do things in the cutest way, and every night i go to sleep i smile to myself even if we had a fight, because i'm so lucky to have a girl that keeps coming back everytime i make a mistake. I know i'm bad at saying apologize. Every time you have left after a fight, i didn't know what i was doing, i hit everything that was near me, and..' You cut him off. 
'Zayn, i love you so freaking much, but i can't have a boyfriend who makes the same mistake over and over again, and just expect me to come back everytime, it's tearing me apart too, can't you see it? I have feelings too, Malik!' You yell at him, and he finally lets go. You ran up to your guys' room, and start taking all your clothes out of the cabinet. 
'Andrea baby, i promise you that i'll behave better, i will treat you like a princess, i'll do anything for you.. If you give me another chance, i'll promise you that you won't regret it' He said, walking into you. 
'I love you so fucking much Zayn, but i really don't know.. I don't know if i can do thi..' He cut you of. 
'The streetlights, on the longest night, 
the more i see you now, i feel alone. 
But they crawled in, as the strangers begin 
But i won't leave here alone. 
Cause i don't know if you understand 
what you do to me when you hold my hand, is it always so, 
the thought of you won't go' He sang with a shaky voice. You was crying more than ever right now, it was hard to you to stand at this point.
'You carry me home, 
You carry me home, 
You carry me home' He finished, and you finally collapsed at the ground. Zayn walked fast around the bed to where you were sitting, leaning up against the wall. He sat so close he could next to you, taking his arm around you. With his other hand he brushed your cheek, and whiped the tears away with his thumb. 
'It'll all be alright' He whispered to you, kissing your forehead. 
'I love you so much Zayn..I'm so sorry..' You cried into his shoulder. 
'Dont be sorry baby, it was my fault.. But we'll fix this, okay? I promise you that this won't happen again, okay?' He whispered to you, turning your head to face him. 
'I love you' You both said at the same time. A little smile appeared on yours and Zayn's face, as you laid your hand on top of his on your cheek, and he pulled you into the most romantic kiss you have ever experienced. You could feel Zayns heart beat fast, and you felt like this was right. He was the one. The one and only. 

Hope you guys like it! I almost started crying at the end.. xD 
The song is Michael Shulte - Carry Me Home. You should listen to it, it's sooo good, 
it's been one of my favorite songs for a couple months now! :) 
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Zayn #Imagine (Meera)

#Imagine you just arrived at the London Airport. You had been here to cheer on your sister as she competed in the Olympics, but now it was time to go home to New York.
After going through boarding, you finally took your seat. Since it was only you flying, you would have to sit by strangers. Taking your seat in the middle, you took out your phone and started texting your friend. After a few minutes you hear whispering and look up to see a cute boy looking at you.
'Yes?' You ask.
'Oh, I was staring? I'm sorry love' The boy answers, scooting past you to the window seaet. He plops down.
'I'm Zayn' He smiles, giving you his hand.
'Meera' you say, returning the hand. Boy, he was attractive! He had beautiful brown eyes and the cutest accent. But he looked familiar.
'So beautiful, do you live in New York or are you just visiting?' He asks, looking at you with those eyes.
'I live there with my best friend. But it's very expensive so were trying to switch colleges and move' you answer, trying to avoid the eyes. If you look, you're scared your going to fall in love with them. Or him.
'London's cheap' He grins.
'Plus, i live there' He adds. That gets you to laugh. Maybe London isn't so bad. You feel the seat bounce and turn to see a blonde boy sitting next to you.
'Hey Nialler' Zayn says.
'This one' he continues, putting his arm around you - 'Is mine' You smile.
'Am i now?' You ask.
'You can be' He mumbles. Your stomach flips. And that's when you realize why he looked so familiar, he was famous. He was in the band One Direction. You've heard of thembut you were never a huge fan. Your best friend was though.
'If you excuse me' You say, exiting to go to the bathroom. You felt sick. Not because of him but because of Hayden. HE had been your boyfriend for a year when he got a record deal. He had assured you nothing was going to happen between you two to split you up, but was found later that night in bed with another girl. That's why you don't date stars.
You closed the bathroom door and ran a hand through your curly blonde hair, and then you heard a knock.
'Can i come in?' You hear a voice ask. It was Zayn.
You opened the door to tell him no, but he pushed passed and into the bathroom. It barely fir one person, so you were backed up against the wall and he was pressed against you. You could feel his heart beat.
'What did i do to make you feel uncomfortable back there?' He asks, looking worried.
'Nothing, it wasn't you' You answer.
'Good, so i was thinking maybe when we land we could....'
'No' you interrupt.
'I mean, i don't date stars..' You said.
'I'm not like other stars' He answers, getting closer.
'I promise, Meera' He whispers in your ear. Your heart beats faster. And that moment he takes your hand and pulls you in for a kiss. Your hands pull around him, while one of his hands is cupping your cheek while the others on your waist. You pull back after a while. When you kissed him, fireworks exploded inside of you. That's never happened before, and somehow you know he felt it to.
'I guess i can make an exception' You smile. He grins and pulls you in for another kiss. This one, you have no idea how, was even better than the last.

This imagine is written by Brooke!
Hope you guys like it, i know i do!
I think i'll post the part 3 of the imagine tonight.. But not sure if i wanna make it yet, haha :b
Love ya'll!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Zayn #Imagine (Andrea) PART 2

'I really don't know..' You sobbed, looking down.
'I'm going to leave this to you guys now..' Harry said, pushing you carefully in the apartment, and walking out. You and Zayn stood awkward, not saying anything. You started to walk into the kitchen. You got surprised.
'What happened?' You asked Zayn.
'I.. I got mad.. At myself.. For letting you go..' He said, trying to stop crying, but he couldn't. Several plates, glasses, etc. was smashed on the floor. You went into the livingroom, followed by Zayn. All the pillows was laying everywhere, and a picture of you two were laying on the floor, also destroyed.
'I don't wanna ride the rollercoaster that's life if you aren't on the ride, sitting right beside me..' He whispered, but you heard it.
'Don't say that, Zayn.. You can do so much better than me, and you know that' You said to him.
'Baby, don't say that. You are the best thing that have ever happened to me. It will take ages for me to coem over you, if i ever will get over you..' He said, sobbing again.
'I love you so much Zayn, but.. I think it's best if we just end it here..' You said, turning around so you faced him.
'Darling, don't do this to me..' He begged.
'I'm so sorry Zayn.. I'm so sorry' You said, starting to walk out the door.
'Andrea, honey.. Please, can i have one last kiss?' He asked you, taking your arm before you left the livingroom.
'Zayn, don't make this harder than it already is, i beg you Zayn..' You cried, he pulled you into him, brushing your head.
'Is it really over?' You could almost not hear what he was saying because he was sobbing. You nodded.
'Is this the last time i'm going to do hold you?' You haven't seen him crying this much before. You nodded again. You pulled back.
'I'm coming for my stuff tomorrow..' You said, looking down.
'I'm gonna miss you.. You will always be a part of me, you know that?' He cried, taking his hand up to your cheek, whiping your tears away with his thumb. You took his hand away. You turned around and walked out without saying a word. You opened the door.
'I'm going to miss you' He said.
'Bye, Zayn' You said, and with that you closed the door to the past.

Sad ending! :/
I love getting feedback, so please write what you think about it!
I hope you guys like it :)
Love you all!

Zayn #Imagine (Andrea)

#Imagine You and Zayn just came home from a dinner you two had together. Things wasn't going well that night, you had been pissing eachother of constantly. 
'ZAYN! JUST SHUT UP!' You yelled as you opened the door. He followed you inside, smacking the door. 
'ME?!?! I'M NOT THE ONE WHO IS COMPLAINING ABOUT EVERYTHING!' He yelled back, you could see how angry he was. 2 years, you have been together. 5 months ago he asked you to move in with him. 
'I'M NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT ANYTHING! DON'T LIE!' You yelled, throwing your shoes over to the rest on the floor. 
'YOU ARE SO FUCKING ANNOYING ANDREA!' He yelled. He was in the kitchen, staring at you as you walked into him. 
'I SHOULD JUST LEAVE YOU THEN, SHOULDN'T I?!?!' You yelled back, frustrating. You have been having a quite rough time the last couple weeks. Your parents just got divorced, and you dad moved far away. 
'YOU ACTUALLY SHOULD! I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF I LOVE YOU ANYMORE!' He yelled. You both froze. You started to get tears in your eyes by what he had said. He realized what he had said, and ran over to you. 
'Don't you DARE to touch me!' You said strictly to Zayn. 
He stopped his motions and looked down at the ground, took a breath and looked up. But you were already in the process taking your shoes back on. 
'I'm coming for my stuff tomorrow..' You said cold to him. This wasn't the first fight you two have had the last couple weeks. Since your parent's divorce, you have been quite emotional, and Zayn didn't really care about it. He was ignoring you whenever you tried talking about it, so in the end you didn't mention it. He had really gotten a lot different. 
'A..Are you leaving me?' Zayn looked at you, as you stood up. 
'I am' You said, trying not to cry' 
'Please don't Andrea.. I didn't mean what i said, i can't live without you' He said as tears rolled down his cheeks. 
'You should have thought about that for a long time ago, Zayn' You said, opened the door and walked away from your now ex-boyfriend. 
You didn't really knew where to go, you hadn't really got any friends that didn't were Zayn's friends too. You decided to go stay at a hotel for the night, and figure out where to stay the next day. As you logged on your phone again, you got a bit surprised. 
'15 missed calls and 40 new messages..' You whispered to yourself, whiping the new tears away from your face as you read the messages. All from Zayn. 
'Do you remember the time on the beach where you tried to get me into the water? But i didn't wanted to, so you laid with me and we looked like two lobsters when we got home? Or the time where we saw all the Harry Potter movies in a row?' He had written. The memories made you smile and giggle, but at the same time crying. 
'Remember the time when we had our first fight and you cried, running into your room. I followed you, sat outside your door for hours. Finally you opened, and i holded you in my arms for several hours. Why can't it be that easy now? I wanna smell your hair.. I wanna touch your skin.. Please baby, come back..' He had written. This made you cry a river. Suddenly, it knocked on the door. 
'Who's there?' You yelled, afraid that Zayn had followed you. 
'Andrea?' You heard a familiar voice call. 
'Ha..Harry?' You asked, confusing. 
'I saw that you were crying, and ran after you, but i didn't catch you. What's wrong?' He asked worrying. You opened the door to let him in. 
'Oh darling, what happened?' He said, taking you in his arms. You both sat on the bed in the little room. 
'I broke up with Zayn..' You whispered, trying to stop your sobbing. 
'Why?' He looked confused. You told him the whole story, how he just had ignored you through it all, etc. 
'I'm just gonna call Zayn..' He said, getting up. 
'Please don't tell him where i am' You cried, as he walked out of the room. He came in after about 5 minutes. 
'You need to go home and fix this, NOW' Harry said, hurrying you up from your bed. 
'No, it's his own fault!' You said, not willing to get up. 
'You need to, no matter if you want it or not!' He said, taking your over his shoulder, running out of the hotel, and sat you inside his car. 
'Harry, please don't do this!!' You yelled at him. 
'I haven't got a choice' He just said, he sounded slightly worried. He finally stopped infront of yours and Zayn's apartment. He took you in the arm so you couldnt' run away, and went up to the door and knocked on it. A few seconds later, the door opened. 
'Har..Babe?' Zayn looked shocked. His eyes were really red, and tears were stained on his cheek, and new ones where coming. 
'I'm.. I'm so sorry baby' He said, trying to take your arm, but you moved. 
'Why have you being ignoring me for the past month?!' You yelled at him. 
'I don't know, okay!? I haven't been myself at all, i don't know what's going on! I just.. I just love you so much that you can't even imagine it, and i've been blind. You don't deserve to be treated like that. I'll promise that i'll do anything in the world to be a better boyfriend to you, just give me another chance?' 
'I don't know, Zayn..' You whispered, crying more than before. 

Hope you guys like it! 
I didn't ended it because i didn't really liked the end that much, so you have to use your imagination on the end! But if you want to, i can write a part 2 kinda thing? 
Lets say, if i get 5 or more comments on a part 2, i'll do an ending on it! :D 
This is written by me, Kathrine :) 
Feedback? :D 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Louis #Imagine (Yasmin)

#Imagine you and Harry were best friends. You've been it for a couple years now, and you loved it! He was the only one who could make you smile when you cried, he never failed to put a smile on your face no matter the situation. There was no feelings for him at all, and you was really happy about that, you didn't wanted to be with him like that. Every friday you and Harry would have a night together, where you watched films, ate together, etc. This was like a tradition you two had, and you absolutely enjoyed it, and so did Harry. But this friday, Harry would bring Louis with him. You knew Louis pretty good, and you thought that he was really funny and really hot. You kinda had feelings for him, but you pushed them a bit away, cause you knew that Louis would never date someone like you. (No offense). You was looking forward to both of them coming over, and they should be there in 15 minutes now. You had just made the dinner ready. It was Spaghetti Bolognese, your favorite. You made it almost every friday when you and Harry would have your night. You took the food on the table, and sat down in the couch, picking up the phone. You started a game of Temple Run, but didn't get far before it knocked on the door, and it went open. 
'Heeeey Yasmiiiiiin!' You heard Harry yell, just as he used to do. You turned around and saw 2 boys smiling bright to you. 
'Spaghetti Bolognese? Again?' Harry said, trying to look sad. 
'My favorite!' Louis said, looking surprised. 
'Mine too!' You smiled to Louis, and he smiled back.
'Let's eat!' Harry said, and you all ran into the kitchen. You sat down on your spot, and Louis sat down next to you, and Harry next to Louis. You chatted the dinner through, not allowing an awkward silence. When you was done, Harry helped you cleaning while Louis went into the livingroom, watching some TV. 
'So, Yasmin.. You like Louis, don't you?' Harry asked, looking at you with a cheeky smile. 
'No, i don't!' You said, looking away to hide your smile.
'Come on, i've known you for ages, i can tell you do!!' He laughed, walking towards you. You turned around, and stood next to him. 
'Don't you dare tell him!' You said in a sharp voice, pointing your finger into the livingroom. 
'I wont, promise.. But it's kinda cute, you know' He joked, giving you a cheeky smile once again. 
'Shut up, Harry!' You laughed, hitting him playfully on the shoulder. 5 minutes later you were done, and you both walked into the livingroom to join Louis. He was currently watching a random football-game, while he was paying attention to his phone. 
'So, did you like the dinner?' You asked Louis, to start a conversation. 
'Liked it? I loved it! It was just as my mom make it' He smiled at you, looking you into the eyes. 
'Thank you' You smiled, looking down. You could feel the butterflies coming. You looked at Harry, and he sended you one more of his cheeky smiles. Louis looked at him too, and then at you. 
'What have i been missing?' He asked, laughing. 
'Nothing!' You said, and giving Harry a look that said 'If you tell him i'm going to kill you'. 
'Okay, both of you are going to be so mad at me for this, but you'll thank me in 5 minutes, i need to tell you this!' 
'DON'T!' You and Louis yelled at the same time. Harry just smiled, starting his little story.... 
'On the way over here, Louis told me how he always have had a crush on you, Yasmin..' He said. Louis was hiding his face in his hands feeling embarrased. 
'And, in the kitchen, i asked Yasmin if he liked you, Louis.. And she said yes' Harry smiled. Louis slowly sat up when he heard it, and in the same time, Harry walked out. You and Louis was just looking at each other. You didn't know what to do. A few seconds went by, and Louis suddenly took a deep breath. 
'You are on my mind all the time..' He said, looking down. 
'I really really like you, Louis' You whispered nervously. He looked up at you, and you at him now. He was smiling a bit. 
'This may sound a bit weird, but.. Can i kiss you?' He asked, biting his lip. 
'You don't have to ask' You said, and right after that, Louis took his hand behind your neck, pressing you towards him. You both closed your eyes, and soon you could feel his hot breath on the skin around your mouth, followed by his soft lips on yours. None of you pulled away, and after you had kissed for about 5 seconds, you could feel Harry walking into the room. 
'...And i'm going to show this on a big screen at their wedding' Harry said, and you both pulled away, looking at Harry and what he was doing. 
'I have your first kiss on video!!!' He yelled happily, and you and Louis looked at each other, and at the same time, started chasing him around the house, hand in hand. 

This is written by me, Kathrine! 
Hope you like it, sorry if it isn't that good, i'm really tired, 
but was in the mood to write one! :) 

And could you please check this out? 
It's a lovely girl who make fanfics and imagines! 
Thank you! 
Love you all! :) 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Zayn #Imagine (Sophie)

#Imagine you and your brother are super close. You were twins, how couldn't you be close? And he just happened to be Niall Horan. The rest of the guys were your best friends too. You live in London so they always come over to hangout. They were all so much fun! Last night, they all spent the night. You were super tired so you ended up going to bed early. 
It's morning and you are half awake. You can hear the soft sound of music coming from your iPod. 
'I wanna stay up all night....' It goes on, and you are falling back to sleep, when suddenly, something tackles you and your music blasts. You try to squirm out but it's too heavy. You finally manage to see what's on top of you. 
Four amazingly hot guys. (And Niall. But you can't count him because he's your brother) 
'Morning Sophie' Louis says, smiling brightly. Zayn can't help but laugh. Your stomach does a flip. Zayn had always had your heart. Lucky you, he was right next to you. 
'Wow, you guys are sneaky' You say, sarcastically. You could feel your bones snapping. These boys are heavy! 
'I am the Bradford Bad Boy' Zayn teases, getting closer. Another stomach flip. 
'Well, Mr. Bradford Bad Boy, can your please get off before i snap in half?' You ask, nudging him. 
'Nah, i'm comfortable' He smiles. You groan. 
'But i will move on one condition...' He begins. 
'And that is?' You interrupt, trying to get the boys off you. 
'You admit I'm the one and only Bradford Bad Boy!' He cheers. 
'I can only admit it if i believe it. Do something risky, something bad' You tease. He smiled a mischevious smile. And before you have time to answer, his lips are pressed on yours. Your heart screams! 
'I love you, Sophie' He says, after pulling back. 
'I love you too, Zayn' You smile. He kisses you again, this time more passionately. 
'What the hell?' Harry smiles. You look up, and all the boys are looking down. 
'You finally told her' Liam smiles. 
'About time!' Niall adds. 
'But how are we sure?' Louis asks, smiling. Zayn pulls you up, and grabs your waist. 
'Should we prove it?' He asks, smiling. 
'I think we should' You answer. He pulls your arms over him and kisses you. You can fell him smile. 

*This is Brooke's work! 
Hope you like it, i know i do! :) 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Surprise and #Imagine!

Finally time for the surprise!
I've got a little 'Helper!'
It's Brooke from Texas :)
She loves One Direction, and is really nice!
She's going to write some #Imagines every week, and i'm going
to write some too! ;)
Follow her on Twitter! @LaMantiaBrooke :)
And remember to follow my new account too: @eDImagineBlog :)
Here's the first #Imagine Brooke have written!
Hope you like it :)

#Imagine you had just checked into your hotel in London. Your mom was finishing up paperwork so you decided to head up to the room. You were carrying your suitcase and your guitar case so your hands where full. You tried to push the botton but just couldn't.
'Here love' You hear from behind you. You can't turn around t osee who it is but he sounds cute. A hand pushes the button and into the elevator you go. You set your suitcase down and hear feet shuffling into the elevator.
'Floor 21 please' You ask.
'Sure thing, princess' A boy with an Irish accent answers. You smile, looking up for the first time. Your jaw drops.
'Are you......Your.....' You stutter. Five beautiful boys laugh.
'Yes beautiful. We're One Direction' Liam answers, a smile on his face. You couldn't believe this. You were in an elevator with your inspiration.
'What was that?' Zayn asks, turning around. You felt the elevator come for a stop.
'I think it just broke' Louis mumbled, banging on the door. You groan.
'It's ok. At least your stuck with us' Harry jokes.
'I'm a lucky one' You answer, smiling.
'I like you already!' What's your name?' Niall asks.
'Line. I'd ask for yours too, but i'm sure every person alive already knows' You tease. Harry smiles at you.
'Would that include you love?' He asks, putting his arm around you.
'Do i look human?' You answer, flashing him a flirty look. He smiles even bigger. You couldn't believe what's happening. Harry Styles has his arm around you. And the rest of the boys were all close in around you.
'Food' Niall groaned. Zayn laughed, kicking the elevator door. He then looked at you.
'Guitar? You play?' He asked, giving you thumbs up.
'A little' You answer, feeling nervous already. You had been playing the guitar since you were 5. Same with singing. You just haven't done it in front of anyone, EVER!
'You should play' Louis practically screamed.
'I.....I....don't' You stuttered but was interrupted with them chanting your name.
'Line! Line! Line! Line!' In response you sat down and took out your guitar.
'Well you done done me and you bet i felt it,
i tried to beat you, but your so hot that i melted...' You sang, strumming your guitar. You could hear them whispering and felt the elevator move again but you didn't stop. You sounded beautiful. You sang the last line and looked up as the door opened on your floor.
'How would you like to be the 6th member of One Direction?' Harry asked, offering his hand to help you up. In response you smiled and took his hand.

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I'm sorry for not posting very mush the last couple weeks, i've been on holiday, etc.

I have some personal problems so i don't know when i'll post an #Imagine again.

I'm not taking request anymore from this point, i have about 100 requested already, so i can't really handle anymore.

I hope i'll be able to post some now and then, but i don't know.

Hope you guys don't get too mad at me!

- Kathrine :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Niall #Imagine (Charlotte)

#Imagine you and your parents where going to Austria. You looked forward to it, but it was going to be 2 weeks with your parents, and no one else. You couldn't get a friend with you this time, so you wasn't that excited over it. You had some problems meeting new people, you was really shy sometimes. You were leaving tomorrow, and you just finished packing. 
It was early morning, and your dad had just started the car. You had taken your headphones in your ears, and Liams voice in the beginning of Taken was drifting you to sleep again. 
'Charlotte, wake up' Your mom called from the frontseat. You slowly opened your eyes, and the sun was shining trough the windows, hurting your eyes as you closed them again. 5 minutes later, the car stopped at the hotel. 
'I'm going down to the pool!' You yelled to your parents, as you just finished packing your stuff out on your bed. The weather was really good, so you decided to go down to the pool and cool down a bit. When you arrived, there was only 1 person. It was a boy, he looked pretty hot from distance. 
He was swimming, when you arrived to the pool area. He looked up at you, and your eyes met. His mouth dropped a bit as you smiled for yourself. He was extremely attractive, you couldn't believe it! You went over to the chairs, and sat down, taking your phone out. You went on Kik, and texted your friend; 'Hot boy at the pool. Not as bad as i imagined!' 
At the time you had pressed send, a dark shadow came up behind you. 
'Hot boy at the pool?' He laughed, sitting down on the chair next to you. 
'You can write to her that my name is Niall' He smiled, as you blushed, you didn't knew what to say. 
'I'm Charlotte' You said, and looked at him again. He smiled to you, he was so cute, you couldn't believe it! 
'So, you just arrived here?' He asked, as he laid down on the chair to get some sun. 
'Yeah, just finished packing out. What about you?' You asked him, as you closed your eyes, looking up to the sun. 
'I'm staying here for 2 more weeks. When are you going home?' He asked you, you felt him looking at you again. 
'In 2 weeks too' You turned your head, catching him looking at you. 
'Are you alone here, or?' He asked you as he sat up halfway, looking down at you. 
'Yeah, i'm with my parents, and you?' You asked him, as you looked over at him. 
'I'm here with my parents too, and my brother' He smiled, you kept looking at each other, chatting for about half an hour. 
A week had past, and you felt like you've known him for a lifetime. He was really sweet, and very funny. You had spend every hour of the day together, and tonight, you were gonna sleep together by the pool. It knocked on the door to your room, and in came Niall with a big bag under his arm. Got everything i need in here, are you ready too, princess?' He had started to call you that yesterday, and you loved it. You'd fallen in love with him on a week. He was so sweet, and really hot. He was down to earth, not like any other boy. 
'I'm ready too, my prince' You joked, as you took your bag under your arm, and you headed down to the pool. There wasn't any people, and it was about 11pm. The sky was dark, but there was a lot of stars. You laid down on the little bed Niall had bought with him, it was quite small, but it didn't matter. Niall had his arm around you, and your head rested on his chest. You laid there for about 10 minutes without saying anything, but it wasn't an awkward silence, it was a nice silence. 
'Charlotte, this holiday may have been the best holiday in my life' He started. 
'Mine too, Nialler' You said, smiling. 
'You know, this may sound weird, but i.. i think i love you' He said, and you felt the butterflies starting to fly in your stomach. 
'I know you probably don't feel like the same, but i-' Niall said, but you cut him off. 
'I do' You said, as you took your head up from his chest, looking at him. You could see a smile form on his beautiful lips. 
'You are the most amazing girl i've ever met' He whispered to you, as he took his hand behind your neck, and took his head a bit closer to yours. 
'You are so beautiful' He whispered, just before his lips pressed against yours, in a passionate, yet sweet and romantic kiss. After a couple of minutes, he pulled back, looking into your eyes. 
'I've wanted to do that since the first time i laid my eyes on you at the pool..' He admitted, as you both laid down again, your foreheads touched. 
'I like you Niall. I really really like you' You smiled, and so did he. 
'Do you think we could take this to the next level when we come home?' He asked you, his smile dissapeared into a nervous look. 
'I do' You smiled, and so did he once again. 
'I didn't before, but now i surely believe in love at first sight' He whispered, before leaning in to another kiss. 

Hope you like it! It's a bit different from the others :) 
- Kathrine xx 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Niall #Imagine (Anne-Michelle)

#Imagine you and Niall was sitting a friday night in your shared apartment, watching Harry Potter in the bed. You were cuddling, you laid between his legs, your head rested on his shoulder, and his arms were around your waist, holding yours. You had laid like this for the last hour, and you couldn't find a better position. You were in the middle of The Prisoner of Azkaban, and after about an hour later, it was finished. You tried to get up, but Niall kept you back.
'Don't leave princess, i like this' He said in calm voice, pulling you back.
'I need to chance the DVD, it's done' You said with a giggle, trying to get up again, but he pulled you back once more, giving you a kiss on your forehead.
'Can't we do anything else then? Truth or dare maybe?' He asked, as he laid his head against yours.
'Okay, who's gonna start?' You asked him, secretly smiling of how much he loved you.
'Truth or dare princess?' He asked you.
'I'll pick truth' You said.
'Why do you love me?' He asked you.
'Nialler, i love you because you are Niall. You are always hungry, and i find that absolutely adorable. The way you laugh makes me giggle more than anything else. The way you look at me, makes me believe that we'll be forever for the rest of our life. I love you because you are so protective around me, and i always feel safe when i'm near you. That's why i love you' You finished.
'You are so fantastic, i don't get why all the other boys in the world don't want you. But if they did, i wouldn't share you. I won't ever share you with anybody. The only one i'll love as much as i love you, is our baby when we get one. I love you' He said, kissing your forehead once again.
'It's your turn! Truth or dare?' You asked him.
'Truth' He said, you could hear he was smiling. Your hands was still in each others.
'For how long have we been together?' You asked him, wondering if he knew.
'We have been together for 3 years and 4 months tomorrow' He said proud.
'Wow, you are good Horan' You said, smiling.
'You're not that bad yourself, princess' He laughed.
'Truth or dare?' He asked you once again.
'I'll pick dare' You said.
'Go down and make me some nachos' He said trying to act serious, but he struggled holding back a laugh.
'Go down and make it yourself, lazy!' You said, hitting him gently on his thigh, making him laugh.
'I have a better idea..' He said, getting up. You stood up too. He took his arms around your waist, standing close to you, whispering in your ear:
'Why aren't we just going to Nando's?' He whispered, making you laugh.
'What should i have expected?' You said with a sigh, as you started to walk out the door, followed by Niall.
'I love you, princess' He smiled, looking forward to Nando's.

*Sorry it's not that long, life is a bit tough in the moment!
And when you guys asks for request, please just ask for one, cause i have many to do right now, and you only have to write one time, because i check it everyday, and i sometimes get 2-3 each day by just one person, and it's a bit hard to see if it's the same or another one with the same name ;)
And i would also love if i got feedback on my #Imagines, to know if they're good enough, or i should change something! It would also help if you have kind of a theme for the #Imagine your asking for, my creativity isn't the greatest, but you don't have to! :)
And i'm still a bit busy, have a lot of work this summer, so if you could stop asking for #Imagines for a while, that would be great! People still ask about it all the time, and it's a bit stressing :(
Sorry for the long note, but just wanted to clear things out :)
Love you all!
- Kathrine xx

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Niall #Imagine (Eya)

#Imagine it was friday night, and you hadn't really got anything exciting to do. You had just sat in front of the TV for some time, without doing anything. Finally, you decided to call your boyfriend, Niall. You have only been a couple for about 2 weeks, but you have known eachother for about 2 years. You have had a crush on him since you met him, and he finally asked you to be his girlfriend! You have flirted alot in those 2 years, but it was nothing compared to now. He always had a hand on you, no matter where you were. He kissed you non stop when you were out in public, and he loved it when other guys got jealous on him, for having such a beautiful girlfriend. You called Niall, and he answered emmidiately.
'Hey babe!' He said, you could hear he was smiling.
Hi Nialler, what's up?' You asked him, biting your lip. Just his voice could make the butterflies in your stomach go crazy!
'I was just thinking about the beautiful young lady i'm so lucky to call my girlfriend' He said cutely.
'Your so sweet, I love you' You smiled, you giggled a bit.
'I love you too! I was wondering if you would come over to mine and sleep for the night?' He asked.
'I was calling you to ask about that! I'll be there in 5' You smiled, and hung up. You packed a few things, then headed out in your car and drove over to Niall. He didn't live that far away, but it was way quicker to take the car instead of walking.
You knocked on the door to Nialls home. He lived by himself.
'Hey beautiful!' Niall said in the moment he saw you. He pulled you in so quickly that you dropped your back. He gave you a passsionate kiss on the lips, after hugging you tightly. He pulled away, and got you back. He carried you in bridal style all the way to the couch, and sat down with you on top of you.
'I have thinked about you all night' He whispered to you, while he carefully touched the back of your neck with his hand.
'I've also thinked about you.. I've missed your hugs' You smiled. He smiled too, and gave you one of his populair Horan Hugs.
'I love you soooo much' He smiled, as he slowly laid you down, with him on top of you. You couldn't help but giggle. Your boyfriend was the most amazing boyfriend ever, he knew just how to make you happy, and feeling special. He brushed your cheek with his hand, and holded it while his head started to move towards yours. You could feel his hot breath on your lips, and he stopped only centimeters away from your lips.
'I'm hungry' He whispered. At this point, you could help but laugh. It was only Niall who would say something like that in that situation. You pushed him up a bit, because of your laughing. It hurted a bit in your stomach too.
'You look so adorable when your laughing, i just need to kiss you!' He said, right before he took your head in his hands, and kissed you. You still laughed, but Nialls lips calmed you down a bit. You finally stopped, and he pulled away, but only a couple centimeteres.
'But babe, i mean it. What do you say if i say Nando's, now?' He asked you, trying to look serious.
'Let's goooooo!' You yelled, getting up from the couch and ran out to your shoes and jacket and started to put that on.
'This is why i love you' He smiled as he came out to you, after turning all the lights off in his apartment.
'I don't think i could find another girl who would agree on taking to Nando's just like that, and then, on the same time, look so beautiful and attractive as you' He said, while hugging you from behind. You turned around so you were facing him.
'There will not come that day where i wont go to Nando's with you, Nialler' You smiled. This made him giggle a bit, it sounded so cute.
'I love you, baby' He smiled, kissing you one last time before heading out the door, and having a little competition about who would get to the car first.

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I was thinking if you guys could stop asking for #Imagines for a while again?

I have almost 50 to do on my list..

And i have only one exam left now, and after that i'll promise they will come a bit more regular!

But i also have work, and i'm going on holiday, and after the vacation i'm starting in the 'gymnasium' (High School) and i don't know how much time i'm gonna get, with all the homework..

But i wont delete this blog, and i hope i get time to write a lot more than i do right now!

But please, do me a favour and stop asking for some right now, thanks.. :)
It's not because i don't want to make personals, it's just that i got a lot to do right now, and it's a bit hard to.. you know.. control it :P


Harry #Imagine (Patricia)

#Imagine you and Harry have been a couple for a few months, and you are hanging out with him at his place this night. It's only the two of you, and you are having a great time! You arrived at 6, and Harry had made dinner for you, your favorite. Afterwards, you watched your favorite movie! And now, you was in the middle of a game. It was Twister. You had a very difficult position, and Harry had a realyl wasy one. It was his turn to swing to the next color, and he did it very slowly. He finally did, and it didn't became easier for you to stand. 
'Harry, hurry up!' You laughed, and so did he. 
'Babe, your ass looks soooo good in that position, even better than Lou's!' He laughed, enjoying his view like the cheeky boy he was. You just shook your head, laughing. 
When it was Harry's turn to swing to the next color, you had your back to him so you didn't see what he was doing. 
'Harry, what are you doing?' You asked him, as he had taken quite a while. 
'Sorry honey! *5 seconds later* Right food on red!' He said, and laughed at how hard it was for you. 
'Shit!' You laughed, as you finally collapsed on the floor. Harry laughed too, and pretended to fall too, so he was laying on top of you. 
'Do you love me?' He asked you, taking a piece of your hair behind your ear. 
'Yes, of course i do' You smiled. 
'Remember that, okay?' He said, with a smile on his face. He only made that smile when he had done something you wouldn't like. 
'Harry, what have you done?' You asked him, you couldn't help but laugh at this point, his facial expression was just too hilarious. 
'You have to find out yourself, beautiful' He said, before getting up, and giving you a hand to help you getting up. When you finally was on your feet, Harry still holded your hand. He pulled you in to him, and he gave you one of his amazing, passionate kisses you loved more than anything. His hands was all over your body, and he concentrated only on you. Making you feel like the only girl in his world. He kept kissing you for a couple minutes, before pulling back. You sat down in the couch, watching some stand up comedy. You checked your Twitter quickly, there was many new notifications, a lot more than there used to be. You started to get a bit suspicious, so you checked Harry's twitter. 
'(YTM) looking good as always ;) love you babe!xxx' 
There was a picture with it. It was a picture of you, while you played Twister, and your bum was covering almost the whole screen. 
'You looked over at Harry, who was having struggle not laughing. He just sat there with the biggest smile on ever, looking hot as always. 
'HARRY!' You screamed, you tried not to laugh but it was really hard. 
'Remember what you said, babe! You love me!' He laughed, as he ran out of the living room, into the kitchen. 
'Your gonna die!' You laughed, as you both stood on each side of the kitchentable. 
'You love me, remember?' He said, taking his hands up to his chest, making a heart-shape with his hands. 
'I do, but some things aren't that easy to forgive!' You joked. 
'Too bad for you, that you can't catch me!' He said, as he ran out of the kitchen, and upstairs in his bedroom. 
'You better get ready for some bitchslap!' You laughed as you ran after him. When he reached the top of the stairs, he fell over and landed on the floor. You hurried up, and got a grip on his feet before he could ran any further. 
'I got ya!' You said gleefully. 
'Remember you love me, right babe?' He said, trying his best to look scared when you sat on top of him, but he still had to struggle not to laugh. 
'You decide what i'm going to do, you have 2 options' You said, as you took his hands in yours. 
'You can either go down and buy some candy to me, or you can delete that photo of my bum' You said, as you took your head the whole way down to his head, only a couple centimeters between your lips. He took his head up, and tried to kiss you, but you pulled away. 
'Babe.. You can't do that to me, you look so good!' He complained. 
'What do you choose?' You asked him, smiling proudly at the control you got of him right now. 
'I'll delete the photo.. I don't want to share you with any other guys, your mine' And with those words, he got up, turned around so you was laying underneath him, and he was on top of you. 

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I'm so sorry that i haven't posted any imagines lately..
When the exams are over, i'll promise there will be more up!

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Kathrine xx

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Harry #Imagine (Shani)

#Imagine Harry and you have been friends for so long you could remember. He'd always been there for you, and you for him. When your dad died, he helped you trough it. If it wasn't for Harry, maybe you weren't even living anymore. But you have always had a crush on him. No one knew, and you tried hiding it so good you could.
It was friday evening, and Harry had invited you out. You was getting ready, and suddenly, it knocked on the door, and it opened. 
'Hey Shani!' Harry called. 
'I'm in here!' You yelled back, and 5 seconds later, he stood in the opening to your room. 
'You look good' He smiled, as you turned around, just finished yourself. 
'You don't look too bad yourself' you smiled, and you both walked out. You was driving for about 20 minutes, but you and Harry chatted all the way, so it didn't seem like that long. Finally you arrived to the restaurant. You both went in, and sat down. You ate a delicious meal! 
When it was time to go home, Harry drove again. He wouldn't let you drive, he didn't wanted his car to get destroyed. As he was driving, you both had a  good time, laughed, talked, etc. But suddenly, you heard a big horn, and then everything went black. 
*2 days later* 
You woke up. The light was torturing your eyes as you opened them slightly. The first thing in your mind was Harry. Where was he? What happened? Suddenly, a nurse came in. 
'Hello, Shani' She smiled. 
'How are you feeling?' She asked, a couple seconds later. 
'Where's Harry?' It was the only thing you could get out. 
'He's in the room next to you. He haven't woke up yet' She said, as her smile disappeared. 
'Can i see him?' You whispered, and you could feel the tears press. 
'You have to get better first, sweetheart' He said, as she holded your hand. 
'But..' You said, as the tears started rolling down. After about 5 minutes, she walked out, and you fell asleep again. 
*7 days later* 
You was finally up. You couldn't walk around for hours, your leg hurted so bad. You have asked the nurse about Harry whenever she was in your room, but she just said that he still was asleep. They gave permission for you to walk into Harry. You had sat there the last 3 days, for hours. You was started to lose hope. You walked into him for the first time today, and sat on the chair next to his bed. He was so beautiful when he was just laying there. You took your hand in his, and rested your head on his chest, and the tears started to roll down your cheeks. What if he didn't woke up? What wouldn't you do to yourself if he died? You couldn't stand the thought. You took your head up again, brushed his cheek softly with your hand. 
'I love you so much, Harry..' You whispered, crying. It was the first time you have told him. You started to sing your favorite song. He had said that your voice was beautiful, and he loved hearing you sing. It made him happy, but you hated singing in front of people. 
'Shut the door, turn the lights of..' 
'I wanna be with you, i wanna feel your love' 
I wanna lay beside you, i can't not hide this, even though i try..' 
You couldn't see through all your tears this moment. They were dripping down your chin. 
You squeezed Harry's hand, he used to do that to you too. All the memorise you and Harry had together, was passing your mind. Everytime you walked to the park, everytime you went out eating together. You couldn't believe it was over. You squeezed his hand again, and took your head down to his chest. Suddenly, you could feel a hand on your head. You laid there in chok, you looked up at Harry. You saw his eyes were open, and he had a little smile on his face. 
'That was beautiful' He whispered to you. 
'Harry..' You smiled big, taking your head up from his chest. 
'I love it when you sing to me' He whispered. He had a couple bruises on his cheek. 
'I didn't thought you was going to wake up' You cried. 
'It's alright, babe. We're both gonna be alright..' He said, to comfort you. It took some time, but then you realized.. It was the first time he'd ever called you babe. You felt the butterflies in your stomach starting to fly. There was a short break where you just looked into each others eyes. He looked so calm and happy. 
'Why are you looking so happy?' You asked him confused, you couldn't help but laugh a bit because of his weird acting. 
'I love you too' He smiled, taking your hand in his again.

*Just so you guys now, we've got our first account @KeviinPigeon back!
I would love to get feedback! :Dx 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Liam #Imagine (Elizabeth)

#Imagine you and Liam jsut moved in together. Everything was going great, and you loved Liam so much. He was just perfect! Tonight, you you and Liam was going to hold a sleepover for the rest of the boys, and you was looking forward to meet them! You have seen them before a couple times,  but you'd never had a real conversation with them. You had started to make some snacks, and suddenly you could feel Liams arms around your waist, and his hot breath on your neck. 
'I love you so much' He whispered, hugging you a bit tighter. You couldn't help but smile. 
'I love you too Liam' You said, slightly giggling. 
'Your just so cute when you do that' He smiled, as he took one of his hands on your cheek, brushing it softly. 
'Shut up, what do you want Liam?' You laughed, as you turned around. 
'What? Can't i give my girl a compliment?' He asked playfully. You just laughed. 
'I'm hungry..' He said, smiling at you. 
'What do you want me to make?' You asked as you crossed your arms, smiling. 
'Nothing, i'm hungry after you' He said, as he took his hands around yoru waist once again, pulled you closer to him and starting to kiss you passionately. 
'Liam..' You said, but he interrupted you by kissing you. 
'Please, i need to be done with this before they come' You said, as you finally pulled away successful. 
'But baby! Why are you being so beautiful all the time then?' He asked, taking some hair behind your ear, as he looked into your eyes. 
'Do you want nachos?' You asked him, smiling. 
'You know me so well' He smiled, as he walked over to the table, sitting on a chair. 
'You have to make it yourself, i'm busy with all this, i've heard that Niall can eat a lot' you said to him. 
'Alright babe' He sighed, getting up. About half an hour later, it knocked on the door. Liam opened. 
'Heeey boys!!' He yelled, and you could hear 5 boys scream and laugh. After a minute, they all walked into the living room, where u was on your way out. 
'Wow Liam! She's beautiful!' Harry smiled as he saw you. 
'Forget it Harry, she's mine' Liam said to Harry, and the rest of the boys, including you, laughed. You gave them all a hug, and you all sat down in the couch. Liam sat down beside you, taking his hand around you, and his other hand on your leg. You all chatted, and you got to know the boys better. It started to be quite late, after watching a movie and playing some games. 
'There is beds enough for all of you in the guestroom' Liam smiled, as he took your hand in his, starting to walk in there, showing it to the boys. 
'And where are you 2 going to sleep?' Louis asked, smiling. 
'Upstairs, in our bedroom' Liam responded, and all the boys gace each other dirty looks. As you and Liam walked out, Zayn yelled: 
'Remember to get some sleep, right Liam?' You looked up at Liam, who just shaked his head laughing, smiling innocent at you. 

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Twitter is stupid! D:

Hey, again!

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Love you guys! You light up my world like nobody else! ;)
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Niall #Imagine (Savy)

#Imagine You and Niall have been a couple for about 2 years now. You didn't really knew when your anniversary was, cause he didn't really asked you to be his girlfriend. You just kinda did over 2 weeks, when you was on a holiday with him and the rest of the guys. On the way home, you sat next to him, and cuddled with him, your head on his warm chest. 
'I guess you are my girlfriend..' He said, playing with your hair. 
'I've waited for you to say that' You smiled. You remembered back at that day everytime he was on tour. It was hard with a boyfriend who was in a band, but you loved him, and he loved you. There was a week before he came home from tour, and he was going to be home for about 2 months. But the last couple weeks you've been feeling sick. You had throwed up, and be feeling very bad. Your period wasn't coming either, and you were afraid that you was pregnant. You had bought a test, but you was too afraid of the answer. What wouldn't Niall say if you was pregnant? You called your friend, and she came over. 2 hours later, the test was finished. It was in the bathroom, and you was too afraid to find out what it was. Afterwards your friend had taken home, Niall called you. 
'Hey babe!' He sounded really happy. 
'Hi Niall, what's up?' You asked him, trying to sound happy. He didn't knew about your illness. 
'We are coming home early.. Look outside' He said, and hung up. You was confused, but you still walked outside the door. To your surprise, Niall was standing there. He smiled big as you opened the door. 
'SAVY!!' He yelled, and dropped his back, ran up the stairs and lifted you up, spinning your around. He sat you down on the ground after some spins, and kissed you passionately. It felt so good to be back in his arms, but there was still the test.. You both walked in, and you said you was going to the bathroom, he waited for you in the living room. You opened the door, and walked slowly over to the sink, taking a deep breath. You picked up the test.. 
As you came out again, you walked over to Niall, sitting next to him. 
'Niall, the last couple weeks i've been feeling really sick..' You started, he looked worried at you. 
'And i thought that i maybe was pregnant..' You said, looking down. 
'Yeah?' Niall said, his hand was on your leg to comfort you. 
'And i took a test..' You continued. 
'What did the test say?' He asked. 
'Niall, you are going to be a daddy..' You said. There wasn't any response, you was too afraid to look at him. 
'I understand if you don't wanna have it with me, and i understand if you leave me.. But i wanna have this child, and i understand if you are ma-' You got cut off by Niall. 
'Babe.. We are going to be parents' He said, and you looked up at him. He had a huge smile accross his face, and tears were running down his cheeks. You didn't knew what you should say, as tears of joy started to run down your cheeks too. 
'I'm so happy about this, Savy' He said, as he hugged you tightly. 
'Me too' You said, as you laid your head on his chest. You laid like that for about half an hour, just talking about babystuff. 
'Savy, we need to tell the boys' He suddenly said, and you pulled yourself out from him. 
'Where are they?' You asked him. 
'They are at Louis', they go home tomorrow.. But i couldn't wait to see you' He smiled, as he got up too, and started to kiss you once more. You headed over to Louis' apartment, and sat down inbetween the boys. After about 15 minutes chatting, Niall started. 
'Guys, me and Savy got something to tell you..' He said, as he smiled to you. 
'Savy, will you tell it?' He asked, as he grinned to Liam. 
'I'm pregnant' You said, and looked at Niall, and he looked at you too. 
'Omg, congrats guys!!' Liam smiled, as he got up to hug Niall and you. The boys followed, and after about 10 minutes, when everyone was sitting down again, there was a silent. Niall broke it, by yelling: 
'I'M GOING TO BE A DADDY!!!!' As he ran over to you, kissing you passionately. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

#Imagines.. Again!


Sorry i've just been writing these kind of 'updates' instead of #Imagines..
But i just wanna say, that right now i got 38 #Imagines to do on my list!
And.. yeah, that's a few, haha!
So, if you guys could maybe, kinda stop asking for a while that would be lovely!
Because i kind of gets a bit stressed, because of exams, etc..

I really feel bad about this, and please bare with me!
This will be the last kind of these posts for a while, promise ;)

Love, Kathrine!

New Twitter!!!

Hey guys!

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I would love to get to the 600 followers again, we did it in about 3 months, maybe we could break the record? Haha!
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Love you all!
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Monday, May 28, 2012



Me and my friends account on Twitter aren't working right now.. :(
(That's why some of you couldn't find it)

We're trying to make it again, but i'm thinking of maybe make a new one?

But we had over 600 followers, so it's a bit sad.. :/

Do you think we should wait for it to work, or make a new one?
I don't know how long it will take, or if we even are getting it back..

Kathrine! xx

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Zayn #Imagine (Alyssa)

#Imagine you have been feeling really really bad the last couple months. You had started cutting, and you just didn't wanted to live anymore to be honest. Your parents had just got a divorce, and your dad wasn't living in the town anymore. Your brother had moved with him, so it was only you and your mum. She wasn't much home, and she was always so sad about the divorce and that your brother didn't lived there anymore. The only reason why you still lived was because of Zayn. Zayn Malik. He was your best friends, but you'd always had feelings for him. He was just so amazing, he could make you forget all your problems. You was home alone the whole weekend. You was in your room, crying. You just couldn't take it anymore. You also got bullied at school, and you haven't got any girlfriends. Suddenly, your phone started vibrating. Zayn called you. You wiped your tears away, and answered. 
'Hiya, vas happeniiiin?' He asked, smiling. 
'Not much, you?' You asked him, trying not to sound like you was crying. 
'What's wrong Aly?' He asked worried. 
'Nothing..' You said, but you felt the tears press. 
'Why are you crying?' He sounded very worried. 
'I..I'm sorry' You said, and hung up. 
5 minutes later, someone knocked on the door. You went down, and opened the door a bit so the person couldn't see your face. 
'What's wrong?' It was Zayn. You opened the door. 
'Babe, please tell me' He said, as your wiped away your tears with your sleeve. Zayn suddenly gasped. 
'Why are you doing that?!' He almost yelled. You was confused, but then noticed that you wasn't wearing anything over the cuts on your arm. They were fresh. 
'I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE, ALLRIGHT?' You yelled back, running back to your room. 
'ALYSSA!' He yelled, running after you. He grabbed your arm before you entered your room. He pulled you close to him. He had started crying. 
'I love you so much, please don't do it..' He hugged you tightly, rocking back and forth. 
'I don't get why you are doing this?' He asked you, breaking the silence. You told him it all. You haven't told anybody before, this was the first time anyone even had asked. There was still tears down Zayns cheek when you were done. 
'I love you so much, I care so much about you, your the only thing in my head..' He said, looking into your eyes. 
'Zayn..' You started, but he cutted your off. 
'I know it's not the perfect time to tell you, but i just want you to know that you are loved. I would be torn if you commited suicide. And i would probably follow you..' He said, looking down. 
'I love you too, Zayn' You said, tears still running down your cheeks. Zayn looked up, smiling. 
'If you want to, you can live at my place for some time? I mean, if you wanna get away from it all, for as long as you want to, but you don't ha-' He said, but got interrupted by you, hugging him. 
'I would love to, thank you so much Zayn' You whispered, and he hugged you too. You stayed in that position for a couple minutes, before Zayn pulled back. 
'Let's pack your things then?' He asked, winking. You went in and packed your bags with Zayn. He had already make you feelling better. You drove home to his apartment, and packed your bags out. You was laying on his couch, you were between his legs and he played with your hair, holding your hand in his. After watching a couple films, you decided to go to sleep. You slept with him in his bed, it was big enough for 2. You was laying there, talking about everything, laughing. Suddenly in the dark, he got quiet. You could feel him move a bit closer to you as he took his hand on your waist. You could feel his breath on your face as his face was only inches away. You took your hand up on his perfectly shaped abs, and suddenly, your lips touched. You've waited for this moment in years now. It was perfectly. The kiss got more passionately, and after about 5 minutes, you pulled back. 
'That was perfect' You whisper. 
'You made it perfect babe' He whispered. 
'I love you so much, Zayn' You whispered to him. 
'I love you too, babe.. Will you be my girlfriend?' He whispered, as he took his hand up to your chin. 
'I've waited for you to ask' You smiled, and laid closer to him, so your head was on his chest. You could feel his heart beat fast as he holded your hand in his, and you both fell asleep. 

*If you are cutting, or feeling bad and don't have anyone to talk to, you can always come to me! Just tweet me, and i'll DM you, and do my best to help you! Please don't cut or do anything else! You are loved and beautiful, remember that!xx 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Zayn #Imagine (Elli)

#Imagine you and Zayn are having a fight. You never have had such a big fight with anyone before, and both you and Zayn were crying. You was at his apartment, he'd invited you over to sleep with him. 
'SO IT'S ME WHO IS STUPID?!?' You yelled back. You both stood up in the living room, and you went out to your jacket and shoes, he followed. 
'FUCK OFF! I DON'T WANT YOU ANYWAY!' He screamed as you took your jacket on. 
'FINE! IT'S OVER! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!' You yelled, and closed the door hard. You couldn't stop crying. Was it over? 
Half an hour later you were in your room, crying. You lived alone in an apartment, and the only one who had a key was you and Zayn. The next day, it suddenly rang on the door. You pretented nor to be home, you didn't want to see anyone. After a couple seconds in silence, someone yelled. 
'ELLI!' You heard. It was Niall's voice, he was one of Zayns best friends. You went out and opened the door. 
'Wh..What?' You said with tears in your eyes. 
'Aw, Elli!' He said, giving you a hug. 
'Thanks Nialler..' You said, and invited him in. He usually didn't come home to you, so it had to be kinda important. 
'What's up?' You asked, as you removed some of your tears away from your face with a pack of Kleenix. 
'It's Zayn..' He said, looking worried on the ground. 
'I'm done with him' You said cold, looking out in the air. 
'I know you still love him, and i know that he still loves you. It can't be over' He said, looking at you. 
'But he wanted to finish it, and that's fine with me!' You protected. 
'You were having a fight!' He said a bit louder. 
'I've talked to Zayn too, and he was more torn than you. He couldn't believe what he did last night..' He said. 
'I'm worried for both you and Zayn..' He continued. 
'I don't believe you' You said, and stood up. Niall did too. 
'Turn on your phone. You'll get a surprise' He said, before walking out. You closed the door after him, and looked at your phone. You turned it on, and sat down on your bed again. 
'16 missed calls and 50 texts' All from Zayn. 
You laid down on the bed, and the tears started to stream down your face once again. You didn't knew what to do. As you laid there, staring at your phone, Zayn suddenly rang. You took it. 
'Hello? Babe?' You heard Zayn. He was crying. 
'What' You asked him, and you couldn't stop crying now. You got butterflies in your stomach by just hearing his voice. It was amazing what he did to you. 
'I'm so sorry.. Please take me back?' He asked, and you could hear he was trying to cover the fact that he was crying. 
'I.. I don't know Zayn' You said, and your voice broke. 
'Babe, please don't cry.. Shhhh..' He whispered. 
'Can i please come over?' He asked nervous. 
'Please come, Zayn.. I don't want this to end' You cried. 
'I'll be there in 5' He said, and you could hear that he already was outside. 5 minutes later, you heard the door open. You got up from your bed, and when you saw Zayn, you ran over to him, and he did to you. You jumped up in his arms, and he hugged you tightly, brushing your hair. 
'I love you' He whispered. You could see that he'd been crying on his way over to you, his cheeks were still a bit wet, and yours were too. You jumped down on the ground again. He had his hands on your cheeks, and yours were on his chest, holding his t-shirt in your hands. 
'I'm so sorry, babe.. I didn't mean anything of what i said last night, i love you so much' He whispered. You stood only centimeters from each others. 
'It's not your fault, Zayn.. I'm sorry too' You whispered. 
'Can't we just delete last night, and continue?' He asked. 
'Yeah..' You whispered and nodded. 
'Thank you' He smiled, and took you closer to him. He kissed your lips softly, yet passionate. It was the most amazing kiss he'd ever given you, and you couldn't stop smiling. 
'I like it when you do that' He said, as you pulled back. 
'Do what?' You asked confused. 
'Smile when i kiss you' He said, smiling a bit. He followed you into your bedroom, and you cuddled the rest of the night, and you fell asleep in his arms. Next day you woke up next to him. He was looking at you, and he had a smile on his face as you turned around to face him.  

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Niall #Imagine (Tanvi)

#Imagine you are in High School. You are not one of the popular girls, you are more on the 'nerdy' side. There was this boy on your school, the hottest of them all. All girls had a crush on him, including you. His name was Harry Styles. He was a year above you. He often teased you and your friends with his mates, but it was mostly you. You really didn't knew why, there was a lot other girls that where even more weirder than you. You kinda hated it, but on the same time liked it. He knew your name. And talked to you. In a bad way, but still. It was lunch time right now, and you sat by yourself, your friends wasn't in school. They were all sick. You only had about 2-3 friends, you didn't really like other girls. You sat there, eating a sandwich. Suddenly, someone sat down beside you. You looked, and almost dropped your sandwich.
'Hey..' He said, and smiled nervously.
'Harry? Are you sure it's the right table?' You asked him, smiling back.
'Look.. I really like you' He whispered to you, moving his head a bit closer to yours so you could hear.
'Good joke' You smiled.
'No no! I mean it, Tanvi. I really do.' He said, and he had a very serious look on his face. You looked him in the eyes, you him in yours. You emmidialety felt the butterflies fly in your stomach. He softly took his hand on your leg.
'Please believe me' He said, and you could see that his eyes were getting a bit wet.
'Are..Are you crying?' You asked him.
'No, i'm not' He said, taking his hand from your leg, and looked straight forward. In the same moment one of his mates called him.
'Harry! Why are you sitting with that nerd?!' He yelled.
'I'm coming!' He said, and gave you a cute smile. You didn't really knew what to do. Believe him? You looked down, and you saw a little piece of paper between your legs. You looked at it.
'Meet me at the park tonight at 7. xx' You got butterflies in your stomach once more. The day finished slowly without your friends, but when it was, you hurried home, and started with a bath. You took the clothes on you had on in school, it wasn't really your 'thing' to dress up. But you curled your hair and put it up in a high bun. The clock was almost 7, and you started walking to the park. As you got nearer and nearer, you could see Harry standing there.
'Hi..' You said as you stood a couple meters behind him. He turned around.
'Hey' He smiled. He walked a bit closer to you.
'Your ready?' He asked, he had a smirk on his face.
'Oh, please don't..' You said taking a step away, but at the same time, all his mates came out from behind the trees around you. They all had waterballoons in each hand, and they all threw it at you on the same time.
'HARRY!' You yelled, and you couldn't control your feelings. They all stood there laughing at you, plus some other boys and girls from your school.
'You really thought that i liked you?' He laughed, almost in tears.
'Thanks a lot' You cried. You had make up all over you face.
'You welcome!' He said, and went over to his friends. You hurried out, and sat down on a bench a bit away from the street. You suddenly saw a dark shadow on the way over to you. It was Niall. Niall Horan from your school. You had always have had a crush on him too, but it was a whole other kind. This one was 'real'. He could make you laugh like nobody else, and he really lighted up your world if he just talked to you.
'Hi..' He said as he got a bit closer, sitting beside you.
'Hey..' You still cried.
'I can't imagine the feeling you have right now.. It must be horrible' He said, trying to make you feel better by rubbing your back.
'I just don't get it.. Why me?' You said, letting out your emotions to Niall.
'I don't know.. You are perfect in my eyes' He said to you, moving a bit closer.
'Thanks Niall' You smiled. You knew he ment it, he wasn't the kind of boy who lied with that kind of stuff.
'I don't get it how they can live with themselfes sometimes..' He said, breaking the silence.
'I don't think they care.. I'm just a piece of shit anyway..' You said, still crying.
'Tanvi, your not. You are perfect. You are perfect to me, i would do anything to have the confidence to ask you out, but you can do so much better than me' He said, and a second later, realizing what he said.
'Sorry..' He said, blushing a bit, looking down.
'I would love to go out with you' You smile to him, giggling a bit.
'Really?' He asked, looking at you again, smiling.
'Yeah, i like you.. You are different, but in a good way' You smiled.
That sounds great! And i know where we're going and when' He smiled.
'Let me hear!' You smiled.
'Nandos and now. I'm starving!' He said, getting up. You smiled to him, and followed. He touched your hand a bit with his, letting you know that he wanted to hold it. You could see he was a bit nervous, but you just took your hand in his, and he smiled to you.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Zayn #Imagine (Warda)

#Imagine you and Zayn just have had a big fight. He was starting to get on your nerves a lot those days, and you on him. You had planned on moving together next month, but the fight ended up with, that Zayn said that it wasn't going to happen. You was at his apartment, so you ran home, crying all night. You've just woken up, and the first thing you did was looking at your phone. You was still really angry at Zayn. There was 5 messages and 10 calls from Zayn. You got up, making some breakfast. You had your pajamas on, and your hair was up in a messy bun. Your eyes were still wet, and you still cried once in a while. You ate the food you've made, and then got to bed again. You couldnt' stop thinking of Zayns words. It did really sound like he ment it, but the calls and the messages.. You haven't opened them yet. You turned on the TV and watch Ugly Betty marathon. After about 5 minutes, you got the courage to open the texts. 
'Hey. Call me please' 
'Answer me babe!' 
'Please.. I'm so sorry' 
'Babe, don't leave me hanging like this! i love you..<3' 
'Please just ANSWER!' 
Wow.. You couldn't stop thinking of what he would say. The clock was almost 11, so you decided to call him back. You still had tears in your eyes. 
'Babe?' He asked as he responded to your call emmidialety. He sounded like he was crying too. 
'Hey..' You said, and you couldn't hold the tears back anymore. 
'Please don't cry, i hate when you cry..' He said, trying to hold his back, but he couldn't. 
'I'm so sorry, Zayn..' You finally said after a long pause. 
'Don'tbe love, it was all my fault. I love you so much' He cried. 
'Can I.. Can i come over?' You asked, nervous for his reply. 
'I'm already on my was over to you..' He said, and you could hear he smiled a bit. 
'But we still need to talk about something..' You said, and you could hear his mood chance again. 
'I know.. See you soon babe' He said, and hung up. You didn't really wanted to do alot out of yourself. You cleaned the kitchen, and when you were done, he walked in. 
'I love you more than you can ever imagine..' He whispers in your ear as he hugs you tightly. You can feel his heart beat fast, he'd run up the stairs. 
'I love you too, Zayn' You cried into his shoulder. 
'I don't know how i could be so stupid.. I wanna move in with you so badly' He said, looking into your eyes with his arms wrapped around your waist. 
'I know, but is it a good idea? We've had a lot of those fights the last couple weeks..' You said, looking down. You was a bit scared of Zayns reaction.
'Babe, please..' He said, and you saw the tears roll down his cheeks once more. 
'I want to move in with you, i really want.. But i'm just scared that it wouldn't be good for our relationsship.. I really don't want to lose you, Zayn' You whispered. You'd started to cry for real too. 
'Just.. The reason why i've been so irritated.. It's just..' He said, and you could see that something was completely wrong with him. 
'What's wrong, why haven't you told me?' You asked confused, looking at him. 
'My parents are getting divorced, and.. I don't know..I just need you by my side..' He said, crying. 
'Zayn, you need to tell me something like that, i wouldn't have been like that to you if i knew there was something wrong!' You said to him, hugging him tightly. 
'Warda?' He suddenly asked you, as you hugged him. You pulled out. 
'Yeah' You replied. 
'I've never seen a so caring, beautiful, lovely girl as you' He smiled trough his tears. 
'Zayn, i love you' You smiled to him too, and took your head into his chest. He played with your hair for a while, and you pulled back. 
'Wanna join me in bed? There's Ugly Betty marathon..' You said, as you started to walk towards your room. 
'And i will not being busy doing other things..' He winked as he closed the door. 

*Sorry it's not that bad.. I don't feel much creativity tonight, but i wanted to make one tonight! 
Hope you enjoyed it anyway! 
Kathrine xx 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

#Imagines! Important

Hiii guys!

It's unbelievable!
I almost have 90.000 views!!!!
I appreciate every one of you, and i looove you guys for reading my #Imagines!
I use a lot of time on them, so i'm glad you like them :)

And now to the more important part..
I've got exams soon, and i may not post as many as i did before..
But i'll try to write one everyday!
Right now i got 29 personal #Imagines to write..
So it would mean a lot to me if those who have got one don't ask for one more.
I don't wanna sound angry and selfish, it's just a bit hard for me to focus when i got so many to do, hope you guys understand!
I'm really sorry, and i will write when i haven't got so many to do, so you all can ask for some again!

And if you aren't already, go follow me on Twitter @KeviinPigeon
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And again, i love you all!
Much love, Kathrine xx

Saturday, May 19, 2012

One Direction #Imagine (Rebecca)

#Imagine you and the boys were best friends. You did all kind of weird things together, and they always cheered you up. You always have had a little crush on Liam, but you haven't really told anybody. You was going to be together with the boys tonight, but Liam couldn't make it, he was going out with his family instead. You took your jacket and shoes on, and headed over to Harry's apartment where they all were. 
'Heeey!' You yelled as you walked in. This was like yout second home. 
'Hii!' You heard from the living room, Harry, Niall, Louis and Zayn. 
'What's up?' You smiled as you walked into the living room. You sat down next to Louis. 
'Not much, you?' Zayn asked, as you sat down. 
'I'm sooo tired!' You sighed, you've been working all day. 
'We have an important thing we wanna talk about with you..' Louis said. They all looked serious at you. 
'What have i done?' You said confused. 
'Nothing, but it's about Liam..' Niall continued. 
'He really really likes you' Harry said, looking into your eyes. He didn't lie. 
'I don't believe you guys!' You laughed. 
'I know you don't, but it's true..' Harry continued. 
'That's also why he isn't here tonight' Zayn said. 
'What?' You asked confused. 
'He'd been in love with you for a couple years now, he just haven't got the courage to say it to you. He said that it was really heart-breaking to see you, and know that you didn't like him back. He's really torn' Niall said. They all looked so sad. It was really true. You couldn't believe it. 
'But..' You said, and you suddenly started smiling. The boys looked confused at you. 
'Do you.. Like him back?' Louis asked. 
'How couldn't I?' You blushed. 
'He's just so.. Amazing' You said, leaning back against the couch. 
'Liam is home alone right now. Go over to him, and surprise him' Harry smiled. 
'I can't!' You laughed. 
'Why?' Niall asked you. 
'I just.. It would seem so wrong..' You said, looking at Niall. 
'It would be so sweet! We can take with you if you want to?' Harry asked. 
'Hmm.. If you all go with me, i will' You smiled, and they all got up after sharing looks. 
'Let's go!' Zayn smiled. You all went out in Harry's car, and drove over to Liam's house. It was really dark in there. 
'Sure he's home?' You asked nervous as the car stopped. 
'Sure' Harry said, and you all walked out of the car. You went up to the door, and knocked. After a couple seconds in silence, you heard footsteps. 
'Who's there?' You heard Liam. He didn't sound very well. 
'Can we please come in?' You asked him. 
'They have told you, haven't they?' He said angrily. 
'Liam, please just let me in!' You tried again. 
'The rest have to go..' He said, and you could hear he was crying now. 
'We're gone, Liam' Harry said, and they all walked to the car. 
'Please..' You said, and a couple seconds later he opened the door. 
'I'm feeling like a fool..' He whispered. His eyes was red from crying, and there was old tears under the new ones on his cheeks. He holded a Kleenix in his hand. 
'Aw, Liam.. I'm so sorry..' You said, as you took a step closer to him, hugging him. He took his arms around your waist, and you felt the butterflies in your stomach starting to fly. 
'I love you so much, Rebecca..' He cried to you, still hugging you. He wouldnt' let you go, and you was totally fine with that. 
'I love you too, Liam..' You whispered in his ear, and he let go of you, looking confused at your face. 
'I can't stand seeing you like this.. I love you too, i just didn't wanted to ruin anything between us, cause i didn't thought that you would like someone like me..' You said to him, looking down. His hand found the way to yours, and you stood there about 20 cm away from each others, your hand playing with his hand. You looked down, and you could feel Liam staring at you. After a couple seconds in silence, you looked up. To your surprise, Liam was standing there with a huge smile on his face. 
'Your perfect to me, babe' He said, moving a bit closer to you. The door was still open, and the boys was staring at you, but you didn't care. 
'They are filming us..' Liam whispered to you. 
'Lets give them what they want?' You winked. 
'Just my words' He smiled before he kissed you soft, yet passionately, on your lips. You responded, and you could feel him smile as the kiss got a bit more intense. You could hear Harry talk; 
'And this is Rebecca and Liam's first kiss! They will share a lot of them in the future!' He smiled. Still kissing you, Liam closed the door with his foot. His hands were around your waist, and yours on his chest. Liam pulled suddenly away. 
'Do you wanna be my girlfriend?' He asked you, whispering. 
'Of course..' You whispered back, your foreheads touched. He brushed your cheek softly. 
'Do you wanna spend the night here? You don't have to, bu-' You cut him off. 
'Of course!' You smiled, squealing in happiness. He took you up like a bride, and walked into his bedroom where you cuddled the rest of the night. You feel asleep in Liam's strong arms.