Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Niall #Imagine (Savy)

#Imagine You and Niall have been a couple for about 2 years now. You didn't really knew when your anniversary was, cause he didn't really asked you to be his girlfriend. You just kinda did over 2 weeks, when you was on a holiday with him and the rest of the guys. On the way home, you sat next to him, and cuddled with him, your head on his warm chest. 
'I guess you are my girlfriend..' He said, playing with your hair. 
'I've waited for you to say that' You smiled. You remembered back at that day everytime he was on tour. It was hard with a boyfriend who was in a band, but you loved him, and he loved you. There was a week before he came home from tour, and he was going to be home for about 2 months. But the last couple weeks you've been feeling sick. You had throwed up, and be feeling very bad. Your period wasn't coming either, and you were afraid that you was pregnant. You had bought a test, but you was too afraid of the answer. What wouldn't Niall say if you was pregnant? You called your friend, and she came over. 2 hours later, the test was finished. It was in the bathroom, and you was too afraid to find out what it was. Afterwards your friend had taken home, Niall called you. 
'Hey babe!' He sounded really happy. 
'Hi Niall, what's up?' You asked him, trying to sound happy. He didn't knew about your illness. 
'We are coming home early.. Look outside' He said, and hung up. You was confused, but you still walked outside the door. To your surprise, Niall was standing there. He smiled big as you opened the door. 
'SAVY!!' He yelled, and dropped his back, ran up the stairs and lifted you up, spinning your around. He sat you down on the ground after some spins, and kissed you passionately. It felt so good to be back in his arms, but there was still the test.. You both walked in, and you said you was going to the bathroom, he waited for you in the living room. You opened the door, and walked slowly over to the sink, taking a deep breath. You picked up the test.. 
As you came out again, you walked over to Niall, sitting next to him. 
'Niall, the last couple weeks i've been feeling really sick..' You started, he looked worried at you. 
'And i thought that i maybe was pregnant..' You said, looking down. 
'Yeah?' Niall said, his hand was on your leg to comfort you. 
'And i took a test..' You continued. 
'What did the test say?' He asked. 
'Niall, you are going to be a daddy..' You said. There wasn't any response, you was too afraid to look at him. 
'I understand if you don't wanna have it with me, and i understand if you leave me.. But i wanna have this child, and i understand if you are ma-' You got cut off by Niall. 
'Babe.. We are going to be parents' He said, and you looked up at him. He had a huge smile accross his face, and tears were running down his cheeks. You didn't knew what you should say, as tears of joy started to run down your cheeks too. 
'I'm so happy about this, Savy' He said, as he hugged you tightly. 
'Me too' You said, as you laid your head on his chest. You laid like that for about half an hour, just talking about babystuff. 
'Savy, we need to tell the boys' He suddenly said, and you pulled yourself out from him. 
'Where are they?' You asked him. 
'They are at Louis', they go home tomorrow.. But i couldn't wait to see you' He smiled, as he got up too, and started to kiss you once more. You headed over to Louis' apartment, and sat down inbetween the boys. After about 15 minutes chatting, Niall started. 
'Guys, me and Savy got something to tell you..' He said, as he smiled to you. 
'Savy, will you tell it?' He asked, as he grinned to Liam. 
'I'm pregnant' You said, and looked at Niall, and he looked at you too. 
'Omg, congrats guys!!' Liam smiled, as he got up to hug Niall and you. The boys followed, and after about 10 minutes, when everyone was sitting down again, there was a silent. Niall broke it, by yelling: 
'I'M GOING TO BE A DADDY!!!!' As he ran over to you, kissing you passionately. 


  1. Ahhhh my new favorite imagine!!! Nialler's having a baby!! ^~^

  2. aaaaaaawwww, that was so sweet! omg *-*

  3. Don't wake me up okay!i don't want to go back to reality!(;

  4. same anoymous That was so nice