Sunday, April 29, 2012

Zayn #Imagine (Kathrine)

#Imagine you and Zayn have been a couple for about half a year. It has been the greatest 6 months of your life! But tonight, it was different. You was at his apartment, and you just had the biggest fight you could ever imagine. 
'I HATE YOU, ZAYN!' You yelled, as you walked out to get your jacket and shoes. 
'I HATE YOU EVEN MORE, KATHRINE!' He screamed back. Your eyes were wet from crying, and Zayns too. 
'DO NOT CALL ME EVER AGAIN!' You yelled, as you opened the door. 
'MY PLEASURE!' He yelled, and you ran out. You hadn't cried this much before. Was it over? It was. It was so stupid. But you couldn't go back. He didn't loved you anymore. You ran the whole way home. Zayn hadn't followed you. He was a big idiot. You opened the door to the apartment, still crying. You looked in the mirror. Your hair was a mess, and you had mascara and eyeliner all over. You went out in the bathroom and took it of, sat your hair up in a messy bun and putted your pajamas on. You laid on the bed with your computer. You saw that Zayn had changed his relationsship status to complicated. You changed it to single. 5 minutes after, your best friend called. 
'Aren't you and Zayn together anymore?' She sounded worried. 
'I don't know.. I don't think so..' You started to cry even more. 
'Shall i come over?' She asked you. 
'No, i jsut wanna be alone for a bit..' You said. You talked for a bit, and then hung up. You sat in front of the computer on the bed. Zayns clothes was still in the closet. You went over to it, just to smell him one last time. You got a message on Facebook, and putted Zayns clothes back. 
'I don't wanna loose you..' It was Zayn who wrote. 
'Too late..' You answered him, crying. Why was you doing this? 
'It's never to late, babe. I love you' He wrote. 
'Come and say it to my face. I don't believe you.' You responded. You closed the computer, and turned on the TV. It was on VH1. Torn was playing. After crying more because of the song, you heard something outside. 
'KATHRINE! BABE!' Someone yelled. It was Zayn. You opened the window to hear what he had to say. 
'There's nothing left, i used to cry, my conversation has run dry, that's whats going on, nothings fine i'm torn' He sang with his beautiful voice. You could hear he was crying. 
'I'm all out of faith, this is how i feel, i'm cold and i am shamed lying naked on the floor' He continued. 
'Illusion never changed into something real, i'm wide awake and i can see the perfect sky is torn' He stopped, looking down the ground. 
'I'm so sorry, babe.. I.. I can't even..' You have never seen him crying this much. He holded a beautiful red rose in the hand. He looked up again, he saw that you had closed the window. You was on your way down to him. 
'KATHRINE!' You could hear him yell. He had started to walk away. You didn't say a word, you just followed him until you finally reached him. 
'Zayn..' You said, as you was about 50 centimeters behind him. 
'I'm sorry..' You said, as he turned around. 
'Don't be.. It was my fault..' He whispered, walking a bit closer to you. 
'Forgive me, please?' He said. His eyes were really red and wet from crying, and his cheeks were covered in tears. 
'I will..' You said, and you could see a little smile appear on his face. He took his hand up to your cheek, brushing it softly. 
'Will you take me back to? I'll promise you to be a better boyfriend..' He said, taking your hand in his. 
'Of course i will. I love you so much, Zayn' You said, still crying. He removed your tears with his thumb. 
'It's gonna be alright now, don't cry' He whispered to you, as he took his arm around your waist, standing so close to you as he could. 
'Kiss me..' You whispered as your lips were about 5 centimeters away from each other. He kissed you passionately, and you could feel him smile. 


  1. OMG! Perfect! Amazayn! You're the BEST! Thank you!
    Love you xx.

  2. that was AWESOME! Loved The Ending !