Friday, March 9, 2012

One Direction Imagine #1

#Imagine being close friends with all of the boys. There wasn't any feelings, only friendships, except from Niall. He was something really special for you, but he didn't seem like he liked you back. One day, they asked you to come clubbing with them. But it was the time of the month, and you didn't really feel very well. You were depressed and felt like crying all the time, so you said no. It was friday night, and you sat on your room watching some TV, when it knocked on the door. You lived by yourself in an apartment. You had your pajamas on, so you only opened the door so they could see your head. Outside stood Harry, Liam, Niall Louis and Zayn with popcorns, icecream and DVD's. Niall had Nandos. They all smiled cute at you, while walking in like it was there own home.
'I thought you were going out tonight?' You asked surprised.
'Naah.. We all agreed that we would be with our best friend instead. And you know we all hate it when you are sad! Harry answered.
'Yeah, and i was really hungry too!' Niall said. That made all of you laugh.
'But i don't think i'm that funny to be with right now..' You said, a bit depressed.
'Aww! That's not true!' Liam said.
'We love you, remember?' Zayn said. You all walked into the living room.
'What film are we going to see?' You asked Louis, as he putted it on.
'We are going to see School Of Rooock!' He danced, which made you laugh.
'Ooohhh! Wasn't that a smile i saw there?' Louis winked at you, still dancing.
'Louis, stooop it!' You grinned. You all sat down in your big couch. From left was it Liam, Harry, you, Zayn, Niall and Louis. You started watching the movie, it was hilarious! When it was done, you sat there and talked for about an hour.
'Well, it's getting late now.. Don't you guys need to get home?' You asked, breaking the silence.
'Hmm.. We actually hoped that we could, like.. Sleep here tonight? You know, so we could stay up all night?' Louis said. All of them looked at you.
'Challenge accepted!' You smiled.
'So, wanna play a game?' Niall asked.
'Which?' You asked. The boys still looked at you.
'Spin the bottle?' Harry said.
'Yeah!' Zayn and Liam said.
'Hmm, okay. Let's see if i can find a bottle then!' You walked out in the kitchen, Niall was behind you. He looked in the fridge.
'So, how has your day been?' He asked, walking over to you.
'It's been like hell, until you guys came!' You smiled. You found a bottle.
'I wanna tell you a thing. I.. I..'
'Yeah?' You smiled.
'I like you'
'Aww, i like you too Niall!' You said.
'No, not like that.. I.. I love you'
'Like.. Love?' He looked nervous at you.
'Yeah.. It's been going on for some months now..'
'I.. I don't know what to say, Niall!' You smiled at him.
'You don't have to say anything. I know you don't feel the same way, i just wan...' He looked at the ground.
'I feel the same way' You looked in his eyes.
'Really?' His face lightened up again.
'Yeah' You said, smiling. He walked over to you, took his arms around your waist holding you tight.
'Do you wanna be my girlfriend, Charlotte?' You had butterflies in your stomach.
'I've waited for you to ask. Of course i will' You said. He took his head into yours, and your lips pressed gently against each others. He took his left hand on your neck, while the kiss started to get more passionate. You could feel him smile. After 3 minutes, you pulled back.
'Don't you think we need to go in now?' You smiled.
'Allright babe' He answered. Those words made you weak.
'But.. How does we say it to them?' You asked.
'Don't worry, you'll see why' He smiled, kissed you one last time and walked in with your hand in his. The boys stared when you walked out.
'Did you tell her?' Liam asked.
'Yeah' He smiled at you.
'Do we have a new couple?' Harry smiled.
'We have!' You said, while kissing him passionately infront of the boys who started to yell 'ooohhh' at you two. You smiled, so did Niall. He took his hand on your bum while walking down to the boys. You and Niall sat close up against each others, and kissed almost the whole night while playing with the boys.



    1. niall eats to much xd!!!! but i loved it go one direction !!!! :)
      my favourite is zayn :) so dreammy with his brown eyes