Monday, March 12, 2012

Niall Imagine #4

#Imagine You and your brother is home alone. He's 1 year older than you, and you two had something special. You could be with each others all the time, without getting mad. You should be home alone all weekend. You sat on the couch watching tv. Your brother knew that you liked his friend Niall. Very much. Suddenly, in the middle of the movie, someone knocked on the door. You brother looked at you with a weird smile, and he jumped up to get the door. You could hear him open the door. It was Niall! They walked in the room.
'Hii Nanna!' Niall yells. He and your brother had been friends for some years now, so you two knew each other good aswell. 
'Nii Nialler!' You smiled. He sat next to you, your brother next to Niall. They started chatting, turning the TV on. 
'Hey, bro! I'm just gonna go upstairs, ok?' You said while getting up. Niall looked at you. 
'Are we too boring?' Niall said sad, joking. 
'Yeah! I'm almost falling asleep!' You said walking out. You really wanted to stay, but still it would be a bit weird. You could see Niall say something to your brother. 
'Hey, Nanna! We could play a game or something? It would be a shame if you just should sit in your room, chatting with strangers on Twitter as you always do!' Your brother yelled. 
'It's not strangers! We're one big family, how many times do i need to say it?' You said a bit irritated while walking in the room again. 
'Yeah, the '1D Family' Your brother said while making a weird face. 
'Shut up, or i'm gonna go upstairs!' You said. 
'Ey, stop it for now, deal?' Niall said to your brother. Omg, you couldn't believe that was actually happening. Niall smiled at you blushing a bit. 
'Soo.. What are we going to play?' You said, as you sat on the couch next to Niall. 
'What about truth or dare?' Your brother smiled. 
'We're only 3 people, is that even possible?' You asked, looking at your brother. You could feel Niall stared, first at your head, then on your breasts. You looked at Niall, taking your top a bit up. He looked away quickly, turning around so he faced your brother too. You couldn't stop smiling. 
'Ey guys! Why are you both smiling? Did i miss anything?' He looked at both of you. You started to giggle a bit. 
'No, you didn't miss anything!' Niall said, while his hand behind his back slowly touched your leg. You was so happy you could scream, but you still didn't want to show it. 
'Okay then, who's going to start?' You said. 
'Niall! Truth or dare?' Harry asked him. 
'I'm gonna take....truth!' He said. Harry answered emmidialety. 
'Do you fancy someone?' You asked smiling at Niall. 
'Hmm, not hard question. Yes, i fancy someone, alot! It started for about.. 3 months ago, but i'm a bit afraid that she doesn't like me back..' He said sad, his hand was still on your leg. He removed it, as he went down on the floor. 
'Can't we sit on the floor? There's a bit more space. You both walked down. You all sat close together in a little circle. 
'Harry, it's your turn!' You said. 
'I'll take dare!' Harry smiled at Niall. Niall answered him. 
'Go out in the kitchen and make me and Nanna a sandwich!' He said. Harry walked out in the kitchen, starting on the sandwiches. There was silence for a few seconds, where Niall just stared at you. You began a conversation. 
'Soo.. Who's the girl you fancy so much?' You said, smiling to him, trying to cover your sadness. 
'She's really really beautiful. She's one of my friends littlesister' He said, while looking down in the ground. You didn't catch that. You felt like you and Niall could be friends too, you didn't thought about it like he was your brothers friend. Harry came in with to plates. 
'Here you go! Nialler, and Nanna!' He said, handing you the plate. 
'Thanks a lot, bro! I don't like cinnamon and ketchup in the same sandwich!' You said smiling ironic at him. Niall was started to eat. 
'The cinnamon and ketchup is actually really good together!' You and your brother looked at Niall, laughing hard. 
'What?' He said with his mouth full of food. Niall eated a bit more, and then he putted it away. You played again. 
'Your turn, Nanna!' Niall said. 
'I'll pick dare!' You said. Niall and your brother smiled to eachother. 
'I dare you to kiss Niall for at least 1 minute' You brother smiled at you. Niall looked like he enjoyed it. 
'Umm... I don't really know..' You said, trying to cover your smile. 
'You have to do it!' Your brother looked at Niall. 
'Let's do it?' Niall looked at you with his cute blue eyes. 
'Hmm.. Okay..' You said. Niall leaned in, so he was close you your head. He took his hand on your waist, bite his lip, and pressed them against yours softly. You responded to him, and the kiss started to get more passionately. After a little time, your brother interrupted. 
'Guys, it's been to minutes now..' He said. Niall pulled a bit away, pushing you down on the floor. His lips touched yours again, as his hand was placed on your cheek, the other on your stomach, on the was down to your bum. Your hand was on his neck, the other on his hand on your cheek. Your brother walked out, closed the door. When he went out, Niall started to smile. He pulled away. 
'It's you, silly' He smiled at you. 
'Me? What have i done?' You said confused. 
'I like you. I like you very much' He said, helping you getting up. You stood in front of each others.
'I asked your brother if i could come home to you.. He knows i like you, and he told me that you liked me too..' He blushed a bit. 
'Soo.. This was all planned? The kiss?' You asked, it was impossible for you to hide your smile. 
'You are so adorable when you smile' He said, looking into your eyes. He kissed you again. 
'Yes.. It......Is. I...... Hope....You.. dont.......mind' He said in between the kisses. You pulled away. 
'I don't' You said. You both smiled. Your brother walked in. 
'So, have you told her, Niall?' He asked. 
'Only the first..' He said, looking at you again after looking at your brother. 
'Is there more?' You looked at him confused. 
'Do you wanna be my girlfriend?' Niall asked. His hands was on your waist. He took one of his hand on your cheek. 
'Of course i will, Niall' He smiled, kissing your hard again. 
'Oh,oh,ohhhh! This is so much going on Facebook!' Your brother said, while taking a picture of you two kissing. Niall smiled while he kissed you for another minute. 

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