Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Liam Imagine #2

#Imagine You and Liam are best friends, but you always have had feelings for him. You was sure he didn't liked you, only as a friend. He had invited you over to him this night. You was getting ready, nothing special cause it was just you and Liam. When the clock was almost 7, you walked over to him. He opened the door before you could knock.
'Hiiii Charlotte!' He smiled big at you.
'Hiiiiiii Liaam! You laughed.
'Come in! Long time ago, ha?'
'Liam.. We skyped yesterday, and was together 3 days ago!' You laughed.
'The time is going slowly when i'm not with you' He said, a bit more seriously, taking a step closer to you.
'Well, let's go upstairs! Your room?' You smile, to break the silence. He look kind of dissapointed, but light up again.
'Okay, who's first?' He said with a smile, and started running.
'Hey, that's unfair!' You laughed, and ran after him.
You sat on his bed, watching tv when Liam got in the room with popcorns.
'I have foood!' He grinned.
'Yaay! I love yoou!' You said.
'Haha, love you too babe!' He laughed.
You started to watch a talent-show. It was friday evening.
'When are you going home?' He said in the break.
'I don't know, kinda hoped if i could stay until tomorrow. Is that okay?'
'Yeah, of course! It's perfect, yeah!' He smiled.
When the show was over, he smiled at you with a special look in his eyes. He had planned something. He laid his hand on your leg.
'Coming back in a moment, just stay right here, okay?' He said. You nod, and sat there for about 2 minutes eating the popcorns. Liam came in with a DVD.
'This is the most scariest movie you ever are going to see!' He said holding the DVD like he was in a commercial, which made you laugh.
'You know that i don't like scary movies, right?' You laughed.
'I know, but i'll protect you! He smiled. You could explode inside with all the happiness you felt in your stomach, but you wouldn't show it to him.
'Let's watch it then!' You smiled nervously. He putted it on, sat next to you and took his hand around your waist.
'Ready babe?' You looked a bit weird at him.
'Come on! Don't say you don't like me. I've talked with your friend..' He said.
'She told you?'
'Yeah, and i think it's so cute. It's destiny! I've felt the same way the last 2 years. I just didn't wanted to show you, cause i was afraid that it would ruin our friendship. But i just couldn't hold it back anymore, so i talked to your friend, and asked for her opinion. And then she told me..' He smiled.
'Wow..' You said. Liam was staring at you.
'What?' You laughed.
'You are so beautiful' He whispered, and kissed your lips softly before pulling away.
'Liam, I..Wow!' You smiled.
'I've wanted to do that since... Since we met' He smiled and took a deep breath.
'Now, lets watch the movie!' You said, laying your head on his shoulder, and holding your hand in his.
'I love you, babe' He whispered as the movie started.
'I love you too' You smiled.

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